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7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory

15/01/2020 - 01:02 | Views: 67.08k

TIMESJATIM, JAKARTA – As you age and the time goes, the memory capability will wane. This is natural, and there is nothing wrong with your brain’s health.

Memory is very useful to ease you to do activities such as studying or working. These are several good habits that might be able to improve your memory.

1. Regular Exercise

Exercise is an activity able to improve your memory capability. By exercising, you use the whole body function which prevents them to be dull. Besides, with exercise, you can also improve your metabolism.

Exercise improves the blood circulation, even a simple exercise such as jogging if done on a daily basis can help you to improve heart health and brain oxygenation which improves memory, while memory is needed for brain performance. 20 minutes of daily exercise will be enough, and any kind of exercises such as swimming, jogging, or bicycling will do.

2. Attention to the Nutritional Values

Brain needs healthy nutrition to maintain its performance. Consume healthy foods such as vegetables, fish with omega 3 content, green tea, peanuts, and the other vitamin containing foods to maintain brain functions.

Besides, get rid of drinking habits. Research shows that drinking habits may impact cognitive function and memory negatively.

3. Sufficient Sleep

Sleep has an important role in maintaining focus and memorizing capability. In your sleep, your memory will reform information from recent events. Sufficient sleep will also keep your body fit and may prevent stress.

An adult needs about 7-9 hours of sleep. Sufficient and good sleep can improve memory capability to learn new things.

4. Play Games

Games were made not only for fun and the purpose to spend leisure time. Playing games can also improve memory and brain performance. Even more, games nowadays have been categorized for each brain functions, such as focus, memorizing, reflex, and so on. You can find many kinds of brain-exercising games on your smartphone.

20 minutes a day will be enough, if you do it too often your brain will get used to it and you will be addicted to it. Play to entertain and delight your body of super-dense activities.

5. Socialize

Socializing proven to be able to improve memory capacity. Socializing sharpens your brain’s capability to remember moments or events with other people. Use a friendly and fun concept. Prevent being anti-social as much as possible.

Another drawback of being anti-social is that you will not be able to test your memory capability on your own. For example, it will be harder for anti-socials to remember their friends from elementary school.

6. Reading Habit

Some people might dislike this habit. Although reading might be boring and can cause drowsiness, it actually hones your memory capability.

The same as the concept of a knife, the more you hone it, the sharper it gets. The more you read, your memory will be improved even more than before. Spare your time to read, even small things such as articles or short news available on smartphones will be enough.

7. Meditation

A stressful mind might impact the brain’s capability to memorize negatively. In the longer term, stress might destroy brain cells and weaken your memory even more. You need to stay calm and think clearly to keep your brain healthy.

Have a meditation routine for three months proves to improve memory. Besides improving brain performance, by meditating for 25 minutes every day will also improve your daily mood. (*)

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