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Malang Covid-19 Task Force and UIN Malang will Organize a Rapid Test

30/06/2020 - 02:12 | Views: 13.58k
Lawang district office. (Photo: Lawang post)

TIMESJATIM, MALANGUIN Malang along with a team of Lawang sub-district and Malang Covid-19 Task Force planned to hold a mass rapid test for the local citizen in several area around Malang. This was stated on their meeting on Saturday (27/6/2020).

The meeting was attended by Dr Cristiyaji of UIN Malang, The Head Health Center Dr Julia and the Head of Lawang sub-district Mumuk Hadi Martono SH MHum. The meeting was conducted for two hours from 20.00 to 22.00 local western time.

On the occasion they made several decisions. Beside conducting a rapid test, they will also socialize and educate the local community from any category which live near exposed area. All will be conducted on July, 1 2020.

Beside those two, they will also work on appealing some people who doesn’t wear a mask on the street on several corner in rural area consecutively.  

"We will arrange the operational fund for all the decision made on Monday," Mumuk said.

Still according to her, she also hopes that this action (including the rapid test) they held together with UIN Malang could boost people awareness of Covid-19 and acknowledge them with the issue and encourage them to always wear a mask anytime and anywhere they go. (*) 

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